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have to say about their cars and concerns raised with Toyota and Toyota's response. Features to include:

  • The Good: What is great about your Matrix.
  • The Bad: What needs to be fixed by Toyota.
  • The Ugly: Toyota's Response.
  • Buying a Toyota Matrix? - Look before you leap.
  • Contacting Toyota: Names and contact information of key executives and how they treated you.
  • Forums: This will include forums for...
    • Your Matrix Experiences.
    • Dealing with Toyota.
    • Things you have stumbled upon that can of use to other visitors in their dealings with Toyota.

Please check back after mid September 2010 when site will be functioning as a resource for you.

Material to feel this way but as Freddy Mercury sang "I'm in love with my car". Quick like a rabbit (animal, not car), 5sp stick, High performance 4 banger. Responsive and does exactly what u want it to do without hesitation. Seems to anticipate what I want. Fun and room for everything too. Good came from bad (accident...) but now reserves but gone. Hell... I'm in love with my car!

This is how i felt when I puchased my Matrix S in November of 2009. Since then, issues have arisen that temper my feelings about the Matrix and Toyota's response to my concerns.